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Why Choose Aastm Lashes As Your Eyelash Vendor?

Why Choose Aastm Lashes As Your Eyelash Vendor?

Aastm Lashes have over 100 styles of mink eyelashes and we are still working on developing new styles.The styles of our lashes develop from being natural to being open even to being dramatic now.Recently we have developed 10 styles of lashes in large size which is 25mm and they are super popular in market !>>Can Our Mink Lashes Get Wet?

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If you are looking for some more dramatic eyelashes I believe you will fall in love with our new large-sized eyelashes. It looks really full. As your supplier, we eager to give you more choices to enable you to create a new style of eyes for your customers! Different styles will make you look new everyday.>>Why do you want to Purchase the real mink eyelashes?

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Our lashes are so durable. Therefore, each pair is suggested to wear 20-25 times . If the lashes are polluted we can wash them in water and dry them by our hair drier. The 3D effect will be perfect still.

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