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Eye Care Beauty – Kitchen Remedies

These may not be guaranteed solutions, but I love home remedies on solving skin problems, or just for pure beautifying routines. Some of these tips I got from my friends, those who spend most of their time in the silk individual eyelash extensions.

silk individual eyelash extensions
silk individual eyelash extensions

Aastm If you run out of your favorite eye cream, or waiting for the next delivery, you can’t just get through the days without doing anything to maintain your skin’s health. These regimens can help assist your silk individual eyelash extensions, and the best of all, they’re all natural, straight from your kitchen.

Reduce Eye Puffiness – The favorite cucumber to take away the puffiness in the eyes. Get a quarter of cucumber and slice them thinly. Before putting the cucumber on your eyelids, spritz your silk individual eyelash extensions with water. Allow the cucumber to remain in your eyes for ten minutes while you lie back and relax.

Tighten Baggy Eyes – To tighten the bags under the eyes, slice 1/4 raw potato in thin slices, spritz your eyes with water, and allow them to remain on your eyes for ten minutes or more. Basically similar to our puffiness regimen, only this time with a different vegetable.

Reduce Crow’s Feet – Crows feet is a bit more difficult to reduce. No more slicing this time. For this regimen, beat 1 egg white until soft peaks are nearly formed. Dab the solution around your eye, along the cheekbone and outer eye area. Allow it to settle and let it remain for 10 minutes. After the specified time, removing the film requires a little more effort than the previous two. Just spray the applied area with water, and then use a cotton ball dipped in cool water, or a soft washcloth to slowly wipe it off. Be careful of the applied pressure, or we may create new lines instead of reducing them.

Thicken silk individual eyelash extensions- This is a bonus. Not necessarily an eye problem, but will also help with your overall appearance. To get thicker and healthier eye lashes, simply dab a cotton swab with castor bean oil, then apply on the lashes, the oil may be allowed to remain the entire day. Repetition of this will help lashes become thicker, and healthier looking.

silk individual eyelash extensions
silk individual eyelash extensions

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