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Everything You Need to Know About Makeup Shimmers

Makeup that shimmers is all the rage. This is because, with siberian false mink lashes shimmers, you get a vibrant glow as well as a tanned look in one.

siberian false mink lashes
siberian false mink lashes

What is Shimmer?

Aastm Essentially, shimmer is an illuminating siberian false mink lashes that works as a highlighter to enhance your face. It gets rid of the dullness that can come from the harsh environment or aging process and adds a youthful and shimmering appearance to your face. Similar to bronzer, shimmer can make any complexion look fresh and glowing.

The Types of Shimmer

Shimmer comes in all sorts of colors and textures for any skin tone and skin type. However, most shimmer will come in a cream, powder or liquid, similar to foundation. You can apply shimmer with your fingers or a brush, depending on the type.

Many women will use both a powder siberian false mink lashes shimmer as well as a cream makeup shimmer depending on what look they are going for. A powder can be swept across your face during the day as a touch up while the cream can be implemented into your evening makeup regime if you are planning a night out on the town.

The “3” Rule to Applying Shimmer

Makeup shimmer can literally be applied anywhere on the face. However, you want to use it sparingly or end up looking like a glittery doll. siberian false mink lashes shimmer is often used on the brow bones, cheekbones and lips as well as around and under the eye to conceal dark circles and signs of aging.

The best way to apply shimmer is to draw a “3” of your face starting at the temple. This will hit all the right facial spots, as long as you blend it in properly afterward!

Makeup shimmer is made for the face; however, you can apply some of the shimmer to various body parts such as your neck, your decolletage, your arms and your legs. This can give you an all-around natural glow even in the winter. However, remember to use it sparingly unless you want to look like a giant glittery Barbie doll. When it comes to siberian false mink lashes shimmers, less is always more.

siberian false mink lashes
siberian false mink lashes

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