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Proper Way Of Applying Make-Up

Putting real mink false lashes on also needs some simple steps to follow in order to get the best out of your make up. Just follow these steps and you will surely look good.

real mink false lashes
real mink false lashes

1. Aastm Apply a concealer. It helps in hiding the blemishes of the skin. It should also be one shade lighter than the foundation. Put some small dots over blemishes and under-real mink false lashes circles then blend it off using your fingers or a sponge. If it hardens and cracks are seen, put an eye cream first.

2. Apply face foundation. The shade of the face foundation should be the same as your real mink false lashes. Put some small dots of face foundation over the central part of the face and blend off using the fingers or a sponge until it covers the entire face.

3. Put on a pressed or loose powder to keep the concealer and foundation on for a longer time. Pressed should be used for touch up.

4. Put powdered eyebrow shadow on the eyebrows. Powdered is better than pencil real mink false lashes because it looks more natural. Use a hard, slanted brush in applying so that the brows can be more defined.

5. For the eye shadow; use three colors, one light, one medium and one dark. The dark color should be used to line the upper eyelid. The medium shade should be used for the crease and the light shade should be used under the eyebrow.

6. Next is to apply eyeliner. Apply it first on the lower eyelid below the real mink false lashes and applying it on only two-thirds of the lid, or if you want to have a darker look, put it on all the way across the lid. On the upper eyelid, put a line all the way across it. It should be applied just over the lashes.

7. Apply mascara. It should be applied in two thin coats to avoid clumping and to achieve a uniform thickness. The color of the mascara should be the same as the shade of the skin. Brown for fair complexion and brown to black for darker complexions.

8. For cheeks, use a blush on it or just below. To find your cheeks, just smile.

9. Apply lips stick that is right for your real mink false lashes tone. Then apply line lips. Apply line lips only after putting on lips stick so that there will be no lips line left after the lips stick is gone. Also avoid mixing different shades.

real mink false lashes
real mink false lashes

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