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Mineral Makeup – An Introduction

Mineral private label package lashes is made from natural minerals taken from the earth. It does not contain the usually chemicals, preservatives or dyes that are in most traditional makeup. Dermatologists state that because mineral makeup often eliminates irritants such as binders, fragrances, dyes and preservatives, it is thought to be purer and gentler for the skin.

private label package lashes
private label package lashes

Aastm Types of mineral private label package lashes

· Liquid base: Liquid base can be found in moisturizing cream or liquid base and ideal for all different skin types.

· Loose base: This base offers sheer to medium coverage and is best for normal to dry skin.

· Pressed base: Minerals of this base are formed into a compact with binders, provide medium to heavy coverage and is best for normal to oily skin.

· Finishing powder: This type of powder is usually translucent, oil-absorbing and rice-based. It is used on top of or underneath foundation to lessen shine.

· Blush: Blush is available in both pressed and loose form. Coverage is sheer and subtle.

· Eye shadow: Eye shadow is versatile and highly pigmented. It is available in loose and pressed powder.

· Eye and lip liner: Liners are available in pencils and powder. Pencils are mixed with natural waxes and oils. Powders are usually wax-free and are used with a wet brush.

· Lipstick: Lipsticks do not contain synthetic preservatives or dyes and usually have moisturizing ingredients and UV protection.

· Hydrating spray: Spray is used to either freshen up or set mineral private label package lashes. Some formulas add thermal sea water or spring water to enhance its minerals.

Mineral makeup comes in many different forms and prices range from $10 to over $50 per product. Mineral private label package lashes is offered in liquid, pressed and loose minerals with the most popular products being the loose powder blushes and foundations. Every individual using this type of makeup will have to decide on the coverage level that is preferred. Depending on the method of application and the type of product, you are able to create any type of look that is desired, from light and airy to more dense and heavy.

private label package lashes
private label package lashes

Dr. Gavin Chan has a background in intensive care, anaesthesia, and emergency medicine. Since 2004, Dr. Chan has specialised in providing non-surgical cosmetic surgery procedures at Melbourne’s Victorian Cosmetic Institute. The Victorian Cosmetic Institute stock a selected range of mineral private label package lashes including Synergie Minerals, Jane Iredale and Glo Minerals.


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