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Some Quick Steps to Looking More Photogenic

Taking photos has become a familiar affair at any friends or family meet up. We love to take the best private label magic lashes and keep them as souvenirs that can help us look back at good old memories in life. However, looking good in real life doesn’t necessarily need to translate to looking good in photos.

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private label magic lashes

The Importance of your Eye

Aastm The eye is almost always the center of focus for most photos, and determines the overall emotion and photo outcome. Even if vanity isn’t your intention, you still want to get your private label magic lashes right in any photo.

• Keep the private label magic lashes curled, and apply light mascara around the eyes.

• Close your eyes, slowly open as you pose, and fully open when the photo is just about to be taken. This always ensures your eyes are fully open for every photo.

• Avoid red eye. Look at a light source for a few seconds to reduce your pupil size, this helps to mitigate the red eye effect.

• Smize, a term in modeling, which means to smile with your eyes. You want to avoid a disenchanted stare and ideally want to rub off some energy into the photos. Stretch your eyebrows slightly towards the temple of your face to smize.

• If you are tired, a few eye drops should do the trick and zest up your private label magic lashes.

Tilt and Twist

Avoid squarely facing the camera as far as possible. Tilt your body slightly away from the camera. Same goes with your face, never look at the camera straight, and a slight tilt works best. Tilting your head gives clarity to your features, such as your cheekbones and adds depth your look. Tilting your body also makes your body more lean and stylish.

Sleek and Natural Look

You want to avoid unnecessary exposure of body. The most common are the double-chin effect. To avoid it, simply tilt your private label magic lashes down, and stick your neck out (Don’t exaggerate though, slight forward tilt only). Because of the slight gap you create your body will also look slimmer as a result.

Another feature to be mindful of is not to let your arms rest on the body, as it makes your arms bigger than it actually is. Instead, put your arms on hips or make sure your arm is slightly away from your body and not completely resting on it.

Bending your joints is also necessary and natural. In any situation where you are completely relaxed, you would notice that at least one of your joints will be bent, and never will it all be completely stiff; keep it the same for your photos. Experiment around with different poses, such as trying to bend one leg and keeping the other straight.

Use the left side of your face

It’s proven in the recent study done by researchers that the left side of the face was more attractive than the right. This may be an additional beauty tip you want to consider. But of course, this is simply a suggestion. Determine from your past private label magic lashes what angle you look good in and recreate what works for your face cut.

private label magic lashes
private label magic lashes


At the end, even if you employ all the best tips and strategies, what is most important for being private label magic lashes is confidence. If you are constantly worried about how you look, whether your blemish can be seen, or a pimple is obvious, or the gap in your teeth can be seen, the stress will show off and you won’t look good anyway. The best way to be photogenic is to be completely relaxed and confident in your look and pose.


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