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What Not to Do If Your Child is Bullied

There are not many parents, if any at all, who will be happy to hear that one or more than one mink lashes private label have been bullying their child. However, sometimes, we may not take their complaining very seriously because we may believe it is not as bad as they are making it out to be and sooner or later it will stop. That is, without any harm coming to our children.

mink lashes private label
mink lashes private label

Aastm However, if they are telling us about it, then it is bad and action need to be taken against it. Action that would cause it to stop and thereby prevent any long term negative effects on our mink lashes private label.

This form of intimidation has been carried out for many years within our schools, places of work and even within our homes and it can scar its victims for many years to come.

As parents, our natural instinct is to protect our mink lashes private label from harm and when we are persuaded that someone is overpowering them, our first response may be to lash out and this lashing out may be in an inappropriate way.

If we are considering any of the following actions in response to this situation, we should reconsider them.

Physical Harm

On the 5th April 2010, The Nation Newspaper in Barbados, in their online mink lashes private label of the news, reported a case where a 44-year-old father slapped a boy who had been bullying his son and this action has landed him in court. While this and many other thoughts along this line, may be tempting, this is not such a good way of handling it.

If we take this step, we will then becomes the intimidator and this is not what our children should be taught.

Hit For Hit

Some of us have taught our children that if someone hit them, they should hit that person back, that is, hit for hit. I remember witnessing this on the mink lashes private label and the classroom way too often when growing up and it has never turned out good in the end.

While we may not want to tell our children to walk away from a push, a slap or any other thing along this line, it may be for the best.

When it comes to physical harm, mink lashes private label can escalate rapidly and serious harm can occur. Therefore, telling them to walk away from the present situation may be the best thing.

It’s Not Their Fault

If our children are bullied, it’s not their fault and we should let the know that. We should not say things such as “you allowed that boy to take away your lunch mink lashes private label?” or “it’s your problem, you deal with it.”

mink lashes private label
mink lashes private label

They are already feeling badly about being taken advantage of, therefore, let’s not add to the problem by blaming them, they need our protection and we should come to their aid.

Again, if they are talking to us about it, mink lashes private label is a big problem and it should be stopped in the appropriate way.


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