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Is It Necessary To Custom Your Own Brand Lash Packagings?

Is It Necessary To Custom Your Own Brand Lash Packagings?

The answer is yes! of course!

In this article, Aastm Lashes will help you understand what an eyelash box is and how to Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging Box. Let’s start with the tab box function. First of all, the box is used as decoration and looks very beautiful.

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Secondly, the box can protect the eyelashes well. You can print logos and slogans at the checkout to increase product value and increase sales. The empty eyelash box can be used to store false eyelashes and tools, suitable for professional beauty salons and daily use.

Custom Eyelash Packaging

Custom Eyelash Packaging

According to the different shapes, there are six main types of eyelash boxes: round eyelash boxes, square eyelash boxes, diamond eyelash boxes, rectangular eyelash boxes, and rectangular eyelash boxes are the best-selling products.

According to the shape of the opened box, the option card box can be divided into three types: the shell type option card box According to the shape of the shell, the option card box is divided into front cover and no cover, inclined box and dredging box.

Eyelash Packaging Box

Eyelash Packaging Box

All acrylic eyelash cases are in stock. If you want to Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging, we only use a 3D printer to draw the logo, pattern and slogan on the surface of the box, so you don’t need to spend too much time working, it will take about 3 Working day, thereby improving efficiency. There are also some girls who like butterfly acrylic eyelashes, very beautiful and amazing custom eyelashes. These custom logo eyelash boxes are now very popular in the market. It is obvious that people can easily see the structure of the eyelashes and will not open the packaging of the false eyelashes.

Eyelash Case Wholesale

Eyelash Case Wholesale

We have three production lines. If all of them are produced, we can produce 20,000 eyelashes packaging. As you know, this work is done with eyelash packaging machines, some of which are done by hand. Therefore, work is restricted by labor. We have to make too many boxes every day and complete too many processes. Therefore, production is restricted by the production line.

Wholesale Eyelash Packaging

Wholesale Eyelash Packaging

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Eyelash Packaging Box

arylic packaging boxes

Eyelash Packaging Box

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