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How to get a perfect pair of eyebrows in a few seconds?

How to get a perfect pair of eyebrows in a few seconds?

Today, I will introduce you to a popular product from Tik Tok, the eyebrow stamp kit. This product not only allows you to quickly get a perfect pair of eyebrows in a few seconds but also can be used to modify the hairline and modify facial shadows. More magical usages are waiting for you to discover! !!


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THMNE Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit is a water and sweat-resistant formula that helps fill in brows. This blendable, long-lasting formula comes in 3 shades and goes on smoothly to skin and hair leaving a matte finish. The brow stamp comes with 10 stencil shapes to ensure you can have the perfect eyebrows!
Each Kit Includes:
1 Brow Stamp (Color of your choice)
10 eyebrow stencils
2 brow brush

eyebrow stamp

Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

1. Easy To Apply: THMNE one-step eyebrow stamp shaping kit includes a unique air cushion stamp, 10 different stencils, 2 brow brushes which made the customer’s convenience in mind to make it easier than ever before to style and groom your eyebrows.
2.10 Customized Shape Stencils: Which can help those who usually find no eyebrow position and have makeup spacing problems quickly to get a pair of symmetrical satisfaction brows.
3.3 Colors Are Available: You can choose from five colors, LIGHT BROWN, BROWN, DARK BROWN, you can choose the color number which suits your hair color and mix it with your own hair color and Eyebrow,waterproof and sweatproof, naturally does not fall off, can be easily put on, very suitable for beginners.
4. Cruelty-Free Beauty: Use the professional air cushion stamp with this vegan formula to apply the perfect amount of brow color and definition at the intensity you want. Never tested on animals.

Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

-Easy To Apply
-Natural Eyebrow
-Soft&Fine Powders


Each Kit Includes:
1 Brow Stamp (Color of your choice)
10 Stencil Shapes
2 Brush
1 Box

Eyebrow Stamp

How to use

Step 1. Select the appropriate eyebrow stencil and align it to the position you want according to the grid line.
Step 2. Use the eyebrow cream cushion to pat the vacant part of the stencil gently starting from the tail of the eyebrow, until the filling is complete.
Step 3. After wiping away the cream on the stencil, you can easily find the symmetry of the second eyebrow because of the soft stencil and grid lines. Repeat step 1 to complete the second eyebrow.
Step 4. Finishing makes the eyebrows natural with an eyebrow brush. Reinstall the stencil and continue applying if the color is not dark enough.

Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

One Step Eyebrow Stamp

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