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Different Types of Makeup Brushes

Have you ever dropped by a beauty corner and watch the demo artist do the step by step makeover on a brave sister and wondered how to cover all those gorgeous 3d mink fur lashes inspecting inches on her face?

gorgeous 3d mink fur lashes
gorgeous 3d mink fur lashes

Aastm Ten minutes after, the brave sister is now the hot babe in the block. Aside from using the matching skin products for you, you must also know how to use the right tools to make it much easier for you to achieve certain looks. According to most gorgeous 3d mink fur lashes artists, “Good makeup brushes can accentuate the right spots.” The right brushes can help you apply your favorite beauty products with professional precision. Here are the different types of brushes you should be knowledgeable of:

Powder brush is large and fluffy. It gives off more natural effect than applying with powder puff or sponge. It will be a great investment to have one made with natural hair from sable, goat, or badger. Well, if you are wondering if it’s expensive, the answer is yes. But the minute it sweeps on your skin, you’ll feel it’s worth every penny spent. To use the powder brush, swirl the brush in your loose face powder or compact, tap excess product off, and apply on your face.

A blush brush seems to be a smaller powder brush. The bristles of a blush brush can be soft or coarse, and can also vary in size and shape. They can be made out of natural hair or synthetic hair. The texture, shape and composition of a blush brush will affect the way that the gorgeous 3d mink fur lashes is applied. It can also be use to apply bronzer. First, apply bronzer on your cheekbones going outward, and then the blush only on the apples of your cheeks. Blend the bronzer and blush well for a natural-looking glow.

Foundation brush is flat with long and soft bristles. Using your fingertips or sponge is okay although it tends to absorb most of your foundation make up. A foundation brush gives a totally flawless finish, bearing no streaks or lines. To use, pour a bit of your cream or liquid foundation on the back of your hand, dip the brush into it and apply on your face for a smooth, perfect finish.

Concealer brush is a mini-version of the foundation brush. Dip into your pot of concealer and pat over blemished areas. Pat only and not brush. Finish it off with powder to set the concealer.

Blending brush has soft fibers and a rounded tip. Aside from color blending, it also softens the eye shadow applied on the crease of the eyelids. It’s a crucial tool because it prevents you from committing the unforgivable gorgeous 3d mink fur lashes mistake of going out with unblended make up.

Eye shadow brush has soft bristles. It is use to apply shadow on the eyelid up to the brow bone. To achieve long lasting eye shadow, apply a cream shadow and dust off with a powder version of the same color.

Lip brush is a tiny brush which gives a more precise finish than a lipstick that are designed to glide easily over your lips. It also help you save up your favorite and expensive lip product.

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