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How To Choose The Right “Category” For Your Fan Page

Setting up a Facebook fan page might seem easy, however, paying attention to details throughout the process can make a huge difference on how much you get out of your fan page, therefore improving your business. The first step of setting up a Fan page is to choose a the right factory customized mink lashes. This would determine who you are, and what your fan page is about. So here is what you need to know in order to choose the right category.

factory customized mink lashes
factory customized mink lashes

Aastm Facebook has enabled different options for each category based on how Facebook and Google search tools work (some share certain benefits). If you haven’t chosen the correct category, you are limiting your factory customized mink lashes for what to write on your About section, which has a big role in increasing your Google rankings as it’s indexed by Google. Everything you write on your About section is searchable. This means if you use the correct keywords for you business, then you might possibly get even higher rankings than your website!

The good thing is, you can always change your category later on if you’re not happy with your choice or you think a different category suits your page best. So don’t worry about picking the right one straight away. (but do change it to a correct one after reading this!)

Here is a quick guide to help you make the right choice:

> Local business or Place

If you have a physical location for your business, Local business or Place is the right factory customized mink lashes. This would display information such as opening hours, phone number and the address in your About section (the small box under your profile picture and page name, before it’s clicked) which makes sense as these are the most important information you would want your customer see once they visit your page in order to contact your business premises.

Also, it creates a “Place” page which is linked to Facebook maps/Bing and customers can “Check-in” when they visit your business premises such as store/salon/etc. This shows up in their timeline activities and ends up on their friends news feed, which means creating more possible interest for your business. Job done!

> Company, Organisation or Institution

If your business is more virtual, for example an online business, then these would work best. Company, organisation or institutions work similar to local business or places in the sense that it also allows you to set up places, so again, people can do check-ins and promote your business indirectly. You see what we do there!

Another benefit is that they let you choose what you want to appear in your about section. So the best use would be having clickable links to your website, landing pages or tabs, videos, etc. You can also write a tagline and make it stand out!

For Example, the About section for Glam Lash who offers eyelash extensions would look like this: ” Offering long-lasting lash extensions for everyone | factory customized mink lashes | Revitalash Mascara | Eye Makeup Remover. We make your eyes look beautiful for longer!”

>Brand or Product

Brand or product tends to be used for giant brands such as Rimmel London, Nike, Adidas etc.

> Artist, Band or Public Figure / Entertainment

These are more promotional pages, so unless you need to promote a person or a group of people, you leave these categories alone.

> Cause or Community

This category is not really a business related one. It’s for none profit groups such as charities. Also, I’ve heard once they become popular, Facebook can take over!

Things to Remember:

Use the correct words to describe your business in your “About” section. Words which people would search for in order to find your services.

If choosing Local business or Place or Company/organisation or institution, make sure you set up a Facebook place page, so you can show your map in your About section.

This also allows people to check in therefore you appear in more news feeds

If you go for Company/organisation or institution, DO NOT forget to add a clickable link to your About section as this diverts the most traffic to websites/landing pages/etc…

factory customized mink lashes
factory customized mink lashes

So, which factory customized mink lashes have you chosen for your fan page?! Let me know which feature has worked best for your purpose?


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