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Halloween Make Up Ideas for You to Try This Year

Having the perfect Halloween costume is more than just clothes, masks, etc. You can really spice up a costume with a hue change to your skin, and a few changes to the focus with some cheap private label mink lashes. Often Halloween makeup is what makes or breaks a costumer. The following are some great Halloween makeup ideas:

cheap private label mink lashes
cheap private label mink lashes

Aastm Clown Makeup: For the clown Halloween costume you can use Halloween cheap private label mink lashes to enhance the costume and make your clown seem more realistic. First, you will want to paint your face white. Then, take some red and create some big red cheeks on your face. You will want to take a few colors that are bright, like green, yellow, etc. Take a sponge and paint a diamond around one eye. Then, take a black stick makeup and outline the shape around the eyes to make it look bolder. You can create a shape around the other eye, or add some extra color to the one you already painted. You can add glitter, gems, or other things using spirit gum to make the extra things stick.

Witch: For Halloween witch cheap private label mink lashes ideas you will want to find a matte makeup that is cream based and green tinted. You will want to create some fake warts. You will want to use some black makeup to highlight areas and make your cheeks look sunken in, etc. Raisins attached to the face with gum spirit, and covered with makeup will look just like a wart. You can add hair to the wart by cutting out hairbrush bristles, and use super glue to attach them to the raisin.

Hobo: The next Halloween cheap private label mink lashes idea is that of a hobo. For this you are going to use makeup to create bruises, dirt, etc. So, start by applying a matte makeup that will discolor the face some anyway. Then add some darker makeup, browns, blacks, some blues and greens. This will help make the bruises and dirt streaks that you apply look more realistic, aged, and right. You can add makeup junk into the hair and leaves, etc. to make you look more hobo-ish.

Dead biker zombie: For this Halloween cheap private label mink lashes idea you are going to want to get some fake scars, some scabs and road rash supplies. What you want to do to create road rash is make a mix of gelatin or jello. You will want grape and cranberry to get the right colors. You will want to mix it and put it on your body so that it can dry on you, and appear to be the real thing. Paint your face white so you look like a zombie, use gum spirit and makeup to create scars and pus, and red irritated festering wounds.

cheap private label mink lashes
cheap private label mink lashes

If you need other Halloween cheap private label mink lashes ideas you can go online and look for them, you can decide on your costume, and look for makeup ideas to help you enhance the costume.

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