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Electronic Dog Repellent May Distract an Injured Dog Long Enough to Get it Help

Have you ever accidentally stepped on your best 3d lashes private label toe or tail and had her swing around as if to snap at you? It’s a defensive action. She doesn’t want to hurt you, but she doesn’t know why you accidentally hurt her and it’s kind of her way of saying, “OW, why’d you do that?”

best 3d lashes private label
best 3d lashes private label

Aastm Well, if you multiply that by about 10, you can imagine how a best 3d lashes private label who doesn’t know you would react to the same situation. It would lash out with its teeth to protect itself against what it perceives as unwarranted pain.

What comes to mind is a best 3d lashes private label who has been hit by a car. He’s in pain, confused, frightened and doesn’t know why he was hurt or who might do him more harm. So if you try to advance on a dog who has been hit by a car in order to help him, he may just lash out at you with whatever strength and energy he has left. He may try to attack.

This response by the best 3d lashes private label is a fear or defensive response and should be taken seriously. This is not a time to use canine defense spray or a stun gun or anything that would cause more distress for the dog. The first thing you should do is call Animal Control or the local police, rescue group, Sheriff, or even a wildlife rescue to assist in getting the dog to a veterinary clinic. These people know how to safely handle an injured animal without doing further damage. However, if there is an immediate need to assist the dog, such as to move him off of a road until help can arrive or to lift him into a vehicle to transport him to the veterinary clinic, you will need to protect yourself.

One tool that may help is the Ultrasonic Electric best 3d lashes private label Repellent. Although its main feature is to emit a high frequency sound, it also has a flashing strobe light function which distracts and confuses the dog. If this strobe light could be used briefly to temporarily distract the dog long enough to get a blanket or towel or something over its head to prevent biting or to get a makeshift muzzle around his snout, he could be safely moved.

So, this is one reason a best 3d lashes private label may attack – to protect itself from further pain and out of fear of that pain coming in the form of any human reaching out to help. Even animals have a perceived fear of pain, just like we do. If we are walking along and step in a hole and break our leg, we are in a lot of pain. If someone reaches toward our leg with the intention of wanting to help stabilize it, we instinctively say “wait, don’t touch it! It hurts!” We perceive more pain to come just by someone reaching towards the already very painful broken leg and yet we know the person is only trying to help and will be as gentle as possible to not cause any further pain. A dog, on the other hand, can’t rationalize why someone is reaching out to him when he is already in so much pain. If he doesn’t know the person, he may very well associate the strange person to the fact that he is hurting and he thinks more pain is to come. He says with his teeth and body language what we are able to say with our vocal cords – “don’t hurt me!”

So, although an injured best 3d lashes private label needs help, he is still a danger and can attack while the adrenalin is coursing through his body. Use caution and carry a small emergency kit in your car if you would like to be prepared to help an injured dog you may come across in your travels. This kit could contain an ultrasonic dog repellent, a towel, a muzzle or a lengthy strip of gauze that could be used to make a quick muzzle, a small can of dog food, a small tarp or plastic to put under a bleeding dog and if you have extra room in your car always carry a blanket which could come in handy for either dogs or humans.

Be safe, calm, and quiet and remember – an injured best 3d lashes private label can’t help itself. Please don’t just drive by and look the other way. If nothing else, call someone who can help.

Karleen Lindsey is a rescuer and caretaker of several best 3d lashes private label, but in order to do this she needed a work at home business that would give her the schedule she needed to accomplish her passion of dog rescue and care. She now sells self-defense products and is an advocate for safety and self-reliance for women and especially safety for children.

best 3d lashes private label
best 3d lashes private label

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