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What It Takes to Become a Miss Figure Fitness Competitor

This article opens the Alibaba best seller false lashes into the world of fitness competition. There are many types of fitness competitions all over the world. This particular article I have written is about a fitness competition for women called “Miss Figure”. In this type of competition women are judged on beauty, grace, poise and of course their physique. Their physique should be feminine in nature with natural toned muscle. There is a lot of preparation and dedication that women put into preparing for this type of competition. The sport is definitely growing for women. A few decades ago women competed as bodybuilders mainly, however there are many different divisions to the fitness competitions that offer a new variety of choices for all types of physiques. From lightly toned ” bikini ” physique to a bit more toned “Miss Figure” and the most toned and muscular “Women’s Bodybuilding”. Some fitness leagues are even introducing a “Modeling ” physique division for women. In this particular article I have targeted this discussion to be about the Miss Figure division being an active Natural “Miss Figure” competitor and judge myself. These competitions are not only great for the matured athlete, but also for the first timers that want to get healthy and do something positive to benefit themselves. From a new mom that wants to lose those baby Alibaba best seller false lashes to the middle-aged woman to the cancer survivor. It’s common to see a breast cancer survivor in the competition. I have even judged a competition where one Miss Figure competitor had lymphoma and did very well not only in the competition but also in achieving her goal to train hard against all odds and make it to the competition that day. It is a beautiful sport in which I have met so many positive and wonderful people. It becomes a whole family of friends of all different walks of life. To better understand what it takes to step onstage, I will break each topic down for easier reading.

Alibaba best seller false lashes
Alibaba best seller false lashes

Aastm The first topic is:

Eating Plan:

Follow the eating plan your trainer has provided. The trainer will have different stages to follow as you get closer to your competition. Usually the eating plan is strict. It is a very clean way to eat. Which is not only great for the fitness competitor preparing for contest day, but also for people who want to lose weight in a healthy way, it is a low Alibaba best seller false lashes plan which is also a good plan for diabetics. With little to no simple carbohydrates such as candy, pastries, cakes, soft drinks, or other sugar containing beverages. It consists of a lot of protein from turkey, white fish, chicken grilled or baked with no bread crumb coating. a small amount of red meat if desired, a lot of green vegetables and fibrous carbohydrates such as green leaf vegetables, and some complex carbohydrates such as oats,brown rice and sweet potatoes. And some fruits such as apples for an example are good choices. And low-fat plain dairy. Such as plain yogurt or skim milk. Overall, a healthy balance of all food groups in our food pyramid, however protein intake is an important factor when training for such a competition. Everyone’s body requires different amounts of different nutrients. That is why when competing it is very important to get the right trainer and nutritional advisor. And learning what types of food make your body react in a positive or negative way will become a vital Alibaba best seller false lashes in helping yourself when training. Eating at the correct times a day and correct amounts of food to support good nutrition and energy are very important.

Weight Training and Cardiovascular Plan:

These types of exercise are very important. Follow what types of exercise your trainer instructs you to complete daily. Usually training is 5-6 days a week allowing one day off for rest. However as your competition nears training changes as far as weight lifted and Alibaba best seller false lashes needs change as far as weight loss needs change. In the off-season, competitors usually lift heavier weights and eat more calories to build muscles and make them stronger. As competition becomes near, the intensity of training starts to narrow down as the body becomes leaner and requires more of a tightly toned effect rather than a full muscular look as we have in the off-season when our bodies grow and get stronger.


Posing is extremely important for any fitness Alibaba best seller false lashes. especially for “Miss Figure”. Since figure competitors are judged on not just how good their physique looks. It is about how graceful you carry yourself onstage as you walk to different places onstage to pose. You are judged the moment you step onstage. Practice daily for as long of a time as you can, at a minimum of 20 minutes per session. Not only will practice help you to perform like a professional onstage, it will also give you more confidence. The posing looks simple enough, but the judges may ask you to hold each pose for a while so they can take a good look at each competitor. Which can become very exhausting. This is why the more you practice, the better you will be able to hold and contract each pose without looking like you are trying hard. Posing also hardens your muscles. It is a great workout within itself and also helps push excess water out of your body or what we sometimes call “bloated”.During the competition onstage a competitor and her class will be asked to enter the stage in which each competitor will be compared to one another. There will be a series of “quarter turns” a competitor will be asked to go through in which this helps the judges get a great look at each side of a competitors physique. After this part of the competition, competitors will be asked to individually return to the stage to do a “Alibaba best seller false lashes”. Miss Figure stagewalk is an individual walk in which the competitor shows of the best poses they can to show the best features their physique has to music that makes her feel upbeat and confident. For amature competitors it is usually a 60 second stagewalk. Professional Miss Figure competitors are allowed a longer period of time to complete their walk. Some fitness leagues also refer to this walk as a “T- Walk.”Smiling is also a bonus asset to do onstage. Remember, competitors are judged also on beauty. And a great natural smile is a beautiful thing.


A Miss Figure competitor should have a tan healthy glow to her complexion. To achieve this competition tanned look, spray tan or temporary artificial tanning products are used. There are also light, oil based products that can be sprayed or rubbed onto the skin to give a light sheen under the stage lights.

As for Alibaba best seller false lashes , It should be noticeable, but not overdone. It is very important for foundation makeup color to match the complexion color of your artificial tanning product on the rest of your body as close as possible. Makeup does not have to be expensive to work well. It is the skill of applying it that makes all the difference. Makeup should be a type that is labeled that it can last all day, or stand up to the heat of stage lights. Competition day is an all day event that begins usually early in the morning and goes on well into the evening. The shows run fast, and there is not a lot of time for large makeup corrections. So doing it right the first time and being prepared is important. Makeup is also judged as part of the complete Miss Figure package. A suggestion to help Alibaba best seller false lashes last longer would be to apply powder to the face before applying foundation, Then add another layer of powder. Eyeshadow and blush colors should complement your skin tones. and beautifully accentuate what you have. A lot of women try to color coordinate by matching their eyeshadow color with the color of their posing suit. This is alright if the particular color choice compliments your complexion. However, if it is unnatural and unattractive, it will most likely have a negative impact of your overall appearance and could affect your competition score. Beauty and cosmetics count. They could be the difference on placing if it is a close call between competitors.


Hair should also flow naturally and give a competitor a Alibaba best seller false lashes, feminine look. If hair is short, a nice hair color to accentuate your complexion and overall appearance can be suggested by a hairstylist. Or just simply, a great styling product to add some flare to the hair and holding power for most of the day. If hair is long however, hair should be worn down so it can flow naturally and beautifully. Never pinned up or secured in an updo. It can sometimes be frowned upon by judges to have hair in ponytails and buns for a Miss Figure competitor. A few curls or simply worn straight down is sufficient. The style should not be too formal. Hair can also be a deciding factor on placing if the competition placing is very close between two competitors. A fresh, clean feminine look will take a competitor far onstage. Miss Figure competitors need to show femininity and grace.


Nails should be clean and neat. A french manicure is standard for Miss Figure competitors on both hands and Alibaba best seller false lashes. Finger nails can be slightly longer in length to accentuate the white tip of the french manicure and shows femininity. Temporary or artificial nails can be worn if desired.


Aside from physique, the posing suit and shoes are a Miss Figure competitors most important assets on competition day. Posing Alibaba best seller false lashes come in a variety of materials and styles. They are either two- piece or one-piece suits. The suits are usually adorned with crystal or gemstone ornamentation. Prices vary and can get expensive as the suits are hand tailored to a competitors individual physique. Competitors must choose a suit that is tailored to their budget. Suits can run in the hundreds of dollars usually. However, even a suit made for a low cost will look beautiful onstage. Suit color should also compliment your complexion. Always keeping in mind that darker colors can hide stains from the artificial tanning product that may smudge off and ruin your suit for the night.

Shoes should be comfortable and easy to walk in. a high Alibaba best seller false lashes, clear colored shoe is worn by Miss Figure competitors. The style is open toe and usually has an ankle strap. This helps maintain control throughout the stagewalk. Choosing a reasonable heel height is important because the stagewalk must be fluid and show grace. If the shoe height is uncomfortable to walk in, it will show onstage. The competitor will not show confidence and may even trip.

Jewelry and Props:

Alibaba best seller false lashes
Alibaba best seller false lashes

In a competition there are two parts to a show. The morning when most of the judging will be done, and the evening portion of the show where the music is turned up and there’s more flare for the Alibaba best seller false lashes. This part of the show is when stage props and jewelry can be worn. Stage props are not a necessity, but add interest to the stagewalk. Jewelry is usually only worn at night as not to take focus of the judging that is being done in the morning part of the show. The judges need complete focus on what they are viewing. So, if a large piece of jewelry or prop is blocking their field of view for a certain part of that competitors physique, then the competitor may suffer in their placing. Figure competitors usually choose jewelry that matches their suit. Usually gemstone, or crystal that has a diamond like appearance. Jewelry should add to stage presence, but too much may take attention off what is to be focused on which is the physique.

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